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Process Plants

From conceptual design to turnkey process plants, our team of technical experts is constantly improving our project management methods and engineering capability to provide the best performing cryogenic process solutions fitted for our technologies. These units include a great deal of proprietary process and equipment manufacturing expertise in the area of cryogenic liquefaction and separation of gases. We have a strong track-record of supplying custom designed, turnkey cryogenic gas separation and liquefaction plants such as LNG plants, hydrogen/olefin separation systems, and HyCO separation systems.

Liquefied Natural Gas


LNG is produced by taking natural gas from upstream production field, removing impurities, and chilling the gas (mainly methane) to -260°F (-161°C) so that it becomes a liquid. Once the natural gas becomes LNG, it only occupies about 1/600 the space of natural gas in its gaseous form, making it easy and safe for non-pressurized storage and transport. The principal use of LNG is for transportation natural gas to domestic and global markets, where it is regasified and distributed as pipeline natural gas or as fuel for natural gas vehicles.


Since 2006, EnFlex has successfully executed and delivered engineering, procurement, manufacturing and commissioning of more than 20 small-scale LNG plants. Our unique ability to supply both LNG liquefaction technology and key cryogenic equipment such as brazed aluminum heat exchanger and integrated cold-boxes allows us to provide the best-performing and most cost-competitive LNG liquefaction systems to our customers.

Cryogenic Gas Separation


EnFlex supplies custom designed, turnkey separation systems for propane dehydrogenation units licensed by Honeywell UOP’s Oleflex™ technology or CB&I’s CATOFIN® technology. Our scope includes technology licensing, engineering, equipment manufacturing, control system integration and system start-up.

We have successfully designed and delivered several cryogenic separation systems for propane dehydrogenation units licensed by CB&I’s CATOFIN® catalytic dehydrogenation technology. Our first turn-key cryogenic separation system designed for the propane dehydrogenation unit licensed by Honeywell UOP’s Oleflex™ technology was completed and started up in 2019.


EnFlex has successfully delivered six hydrogen carbon monoxide (HyCO) cryogenic separation systems using our proprietary process technologies. Three of these systems are currently operating and the remaining systems are undergoing fabrication.

Cryogenic Equipment


We supply custom designed brazed aluminum heat exchangers and cold-boxes that are used primarily in cryogenic processing applications such as LNG, Petrochemical, and Natural Gas Processing.

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